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Lopolight is the worldwide leader in LED marine lighting. Our award winning LED navigation lights include a product line of over 70 fully approved lights for all vessel types and lengths. These innovative lights have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours and consume about 90% less power than traditional incandescent lights.

For product descriptions and more information, visit the manufacturer's website at:

Range 0 - 12M

Range 12M - 20M

Range 20M - 50M

Range Over 50M

Each Lopolight fixture is completely sealed with a special potting compound making them both waterproof (IP68) and vibration proof.

Lopolights operate on voltages between 10 and 32 volts DC, due to their internal power regulator.

Colreg72 certified to comply with UL1104 and approved worldwide by the USCG, MCA, DMA and BSH.

These rugged yet elegant navigation lights are available in aluminum or stainless steel housings.