More than just a boat alarm

Easy and fast setup

The C-pod is designed for easy installation. Sensors and other accessories are “plug and play”. Place the C-pod in a hidden location, plugin the wired sensors and connect it to the boats power supply, the C-pod will go online automatically and all you need to do is register an account by sending a text message.

Mobile control

C-pod doesn’t only let you monitor your boat by presenting information abou tbreak-in, theft, environmental hassards, voltage, knots, heading, map positioning, etc. but also enables you to configure and manage it. You can disable sensors, turn on/off refrigerators, air condition, bilge pump and more. In short, manage your boat from home with our mobile app!

Proven security

C-pod’s components has been thoroughly selected and tested to resist humidity, water, salt, extreme temperature and corrosive environments. C-pod has been installed and proven in boats in over 50 countries.


More than just a boat alarm

The C-pod is the ultimate boat alarm and tracking system which is protecting boats in more than 50 countries. The system is flexible which makes it suitable for most boat sizes. It works globally and will alert an unlimited number of recipients if something happens to the boat or fleet.

Your boat will love it!