Reliability in innovation.



For 30 years nke has been developing innovative instrument systems dedicated to navigation and performance. Whatever your program, should it be racing or cruising, solo or crewed, nke instruments are designed to answer all your needs at every level.

Performance, accuracy and simple, intuitive operation are always kept in mind by our development team to achieve the best information and performance. nke is the best choice you can make for your boat and will result in a smart and advanced system with options to upgrade through our service partners network anytime. The most prestigious victories of the season have proved our pedigree. A big thank you to all who participated in this success.

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Graphic Displays

MultiGraphic Display
Multi Display

Auto Pilots

Gyro Pilot 2 Processor
Wireless Remote Control
Drive Units

Wind Instruments

Standard Mast Head Unit
HR Mast Head Unit
CarboWind HR Mast Head Unit

Compass and GPS Antenna

Fluxgate Compass
Regatta Compass
High Frequency GPS

Speed and Depth Sensors

Ultrasonic Speed Sensor
Paddle Wheel Speed Sensor
Depth Sensor