Ubi Maior

Ubi Maior Code 0, Gennaker and head sail Furlers and blocks

JB Jiber

JB Jiber

JB JIBER is a structural headsail furler that works without the usual aluminum extruded foils. The rod forestay is linked to the drum and swivel, and rotates to transmit the torque and furl the sail. The sail can be hoisted up and down, while the halyard tension can be adjusted at any time. The shuttle locks in position and unlocks automatically, guaranteeing faster, safer sailing and better boat handling.

FR Furler

FR Furler

FR FURLERS are extremely reliable and functional for managing bow sails, both code zero and gennaker. This complete line ranges from products suited to dinghy and smaller vessels, right up to larger units and custom designed products and comes in two versions: with fixed tack (code zero, genoa, etc) and with free tack to wind gennakers whitout luff. The drum and head are machined from a single piece of aluminum 6082T6 and contain cylindrical roller thrust bearings featuring the best characteristics for this use.

RT Regatta Blocks

RT Regatta

Designed to more performing vessels, the RT REGATA range, collects 30 years of evolution of this type of product. These products are able to withstand high loads while maintaining its low friction ability. The RT ULTRA bloks are an evolution of the RT REGATA line,but its elements are lighter, smaller and can bear much higher loads thanks to textile attachments that are centralised in relation to the load. EVE blocks are the answer to the neverending quest for incredible resistance and lightness required by the most demanding professional racing boats and crews.

Ubi Maior X3m

X3M Flight

X3M FLIGHT blocks are designed to support extremely heavy weights, and boast a highly beneficial load/dimension/weight ratio. These blocks combine technology, functionality and design, and are designed to be used exclusively with textile fixings (included).

Ubi Maior Code 0, Gennaker, and Headsail Furlers and Blocks Represent: 

  • 50 years of experience
  • Functional and constructive quality
  • Craft knowledge, modern techniques
  • Performance, reliability and durability

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