The Servo Cleat is characterized by two advantages:

The 1st Advantage
After you have trimmed the sail, you can immediately place the sheet in this position. Most other clamps require a 1 to 2 cm pull to move the jaws.
Sitting on the high edge in fresh wind, you will appreciate this advantage.

The pull of the sheet is held by the teeth of the jaws.
The geometry of the tooth tips plays a crucial role here. Sharp-edged teeth hold higher loads than more rounded ones, on the other hand round teeth protect the rope better than sharp ones. At the same time, the tips of the teeth are subjected to extreme loads, for example in gusts or when a sheet is rustling through. The teeth of the SERVO are therefore reinforced with stainless steel inserts.

The 2nd Advantage
The tooth geometry remains constant.
If a sheet rushes through you due to overload, the clamp does not have to be replaced due to wear of the teeth. At the same time, the jaws only have the low weight of the plastic.