About Reckmann furlers and rigging hydraulics:

Furlers and Rigging Hydraulics

Reckmann designs and produces manual and powered (hydraulic and electric) headsail furling systems as well as powered furlers for stay sails, gennakers and mainsail furlers (in boom or in mast). In addition to the furlers, Reckmann also produces rigging hydruaulics for backs stays, boom vangs, mast jacks and more!  

The Right Team – The Best Education

More than 125 years Reckmann. That means: up to five generations of highly skilled employees. Since its foundation in 1892, Reckmann relies on best educated and experienced people for decades. Because we know, what it means, if the approach of our customers does not meet their expectations on their product. Young energetic plus years of experience. Engineers, technicians, application producers, sales persons and other in our team. The right mix of people creates success!

Market Leadership & Product Excellence

Without every day benchmark thinking, market leadership & product excellence is not possible. At Reckmann, we see this as a core value of our brand.  It is a promise to former generations of engineers, technicians, production experts, etc. But also regarding best after sales service & fast supply, professional & intensive product maintenance (plans).

Relying on Best Materials & Technologies

With compromises in materials and technologies, you will not get any excellent product. At Reckmann, we do not calculate or engineer the MTBF (mean time between failure) per product. No systematic failure after a defined time. Real German Quality. Storm proof. Rust proof. Arctic proof. (Almost) maintenance/service free. Timeless (solid). Lasting.

Engineering. Prototyping. Testing. Testing. Testing.

The process of developing & building an excellent product is not done by chance. It is systematic engineering, which follows the following procedures: The base: creating an excellent idea of enhancing a product by function, design & aesthetics or developing a complete new product idea from scratch. Second step: starting fundamental engineering – with the right skills and experienced people. Then, the intermediate stage begins: building a convincing prototype … if not convincing: starting the process new. The final step: producing the series, very reliable product – after having it tested multiple times under different weather conditions & applications on our testing platforms and offshore.

Having the Right Customers for Innovation

Engineering innovations and setting milestones are only possible with the right customers. Their expectations to receive the best possible product on the market lead to our will not only to meet their expectations but to define a new benchmark in the market.  The leading yacht companies in the world understand this approach and rely on this “engineering way of thinking” for decades. Because they have got the “real time proof” of Reckmann quality, which last up to 30 years and longer.

To view the complete offering from Reckmann furlers and rigging hydraulics, please visit their complete website here: https://www.reckmann.com/en/